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Round Table Charity Shoot-out: Saturday, 17 August 2019

Get together a team and challenge other teams for some exciting prizes and fight for your favourite cause!

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Event details

The winning teams will get to hand over generous donations to their chosen charities and the rest of the proceeds will go to NOAH (Namibian old age homes) foundation for goods that they require such as hearing aids, wheelchairs, Glasses etc. These items improve the lives of those that receive them.

Tournament format:
- The tournament will use the less painful and smaller .50 cal paintballs.
- Teams consist of at least 6 players. Teams can have an unlimited amount of reserves, however only 5 players play in each point.
- All teams will use the same equipment – all equipment and ammunition will be provided
- Each team will play at least three round robin matches. Teams progressing from the round robin stages will then play Quarter finals, Semi-finals and Finals. Depending on the number of teams.
- To win a point a member of the team must touch the opposing team's start station, without being 'hit' or marked with paint by either his opponents or his teammates. This can be done once the entire opposing team is eliminated from the game or if the opposing team is distracted

Entry Fees per team:

All equipment and ammunition will be provided
N$ 3 000 per Corporate team
N$ 2 400 per private team

Food and drinks will be available for sale.